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Tired of trying to control your child’s difficult behavior? Ready to get off the “punish-reward” roller coaster?

Help is at hand with "Choice Parenting" -- a practical guide for parents seeking creative ways to help their children resolve difficult behavior problems and to succeed at home, at school, and in life.

Based on the principles of choice psychology, the choice parenting method...

· offers a positive alternative to reward-and-punish “control psychology.”

· provides a clear strategy to guide parents in all their challenging moments.

· encourages children to struggle with their challenges, enjoy their successes, and develop a responsible, creative approach to life.

Unlike traditional control-based techniques, the choice parenting approach favors connecting over controlling. It helps parents and children to:

· stay emotionally connected
· keep the lines of communication open
· reach agreements in areas of conflict
· protect the parent-child relationship.

Written in a highly readable, conversational style, this compact parenting primer is filled with Dr. Primason’s professional insights and down-to-earth wisdom based on twenty years of experience working with children, parents and families.


by Richard Primason, Ph.D.

Recipient of the
iUniverse 2004 Editor’s Choice Award
and 2005 Reader’s Choice Award

“Every parent can learn from this thoughtful book. Dr. Primason brings his creative, practical voice to the choice theory that I’ve been teaching for years. You’ll do far better with your children, and all your relationships, when you replace external control with connection and cooperation. Choice Parenting tells you exactly how to do it.”
-- William Glasser, M.D., author of Schools Without Failure

“I enthusiastically urge all parents, therapists and child care workers to read Choice Parenting. Dr. Primason presents a clear, respectful guide that can be referred to time and again.” -- Nancy S. Buck, Ph.D., author of Peaceful Parenting

“I highly recommend this book to anyone who chooses to be a happier and more effective parent. It is filled with loving guidance as well as practical, yet profound ideas and examples.” -- John Brickel, Director, Center for Reality Therapy, United Kingdom.

Publisher: iUniverse (2004)
Price: $13.95
Paperback; 125 pages, b&w
ISBN: 0-595-32025-2